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Of the estimated one in six American or Canadian couples who struggle with getting pregnant each year, there is compelling evidence that lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors play a significant part in the couples’ ultimate failure or success. This is encouraging news for anyone who wants to get pregnant because they have some control over their well-being and can make modifications to improve their circumstances.

Unfortunately, traditional medical or healthcare practitioners rarely, if ever, outline a comprehensive, long-term nutrition strategy based on holistic principals to help these men and women.

Dealing with debilitating multiple sclerosis symptoms for several years and eventually recovering from them after following an intense, three-year long nutritional program, left me in awe. How was I able to heal from my symptoms by changing what I ate? I was determined to learn more about how this was possible and decided to enroll in school to study Holistic Nutrition.

While in school I was required to select a life cycle to research and write about that could be positively impacted by nutritional protocols. The area of fertility and pregnancy was of significant interest to me.


Baby Maker - A holistic guide to nutrition for fertility, conception and pregnancy

One in six couples in the U.S. and Canada struggle getting pregnant each year.

I still get a chill down my spine when I recall how horrible my diet was during both of my pregnancies and the 50 pounds I gained during each. About half-way through my curriculum in school I learned that my high-sugar diet prior to and during pregnancy was likely passed onto both of my daughters by way of a genetic pre-disposition to insulin resistance. That’s right. My dreadful eating habits during pregnancy set my daughters up for a lifetime of health hazards. How many women wanting to become pregnant understand that their health status prior to conception, and their diet prior to and during pregnancy, can alter their fertility, impede the growth of their fetus, and change the genetic expression of their child, once born?

As I continued to examine issues with fertility and conception, it became clear that it is one of the many life stages that could benefit from an attainable alteration in diet and nutrition.  It is my desire that this information be more “mainstream” and more accessible.

I started my story by describing my remarkable recovery from multiple sclerosis. You might be wondering what MS has to do with fertility and conception? Actually, everything! There is evidence that chronic disease and other dysfunctions in the body often begin with an imbalance in one or more of the various microbiome environments that exist inside each of us. Furthermore, we are learning that these imbalances and dysfunction can be dramatically improved or reversed by changing the pH in the body, removing toxins and eliminating nutrient deficiencies. In other words, changing what we eat.


Eating junk food during pregnancy has a detrimental affect on the fetus.

“Change what you eat.”

That doesn’t sound impossible, does it? The truth is, making the necessary dietary changes to restore the body to homeostasis is not easy. In fact, for many people it will only happen out of desperation. “Desperation” is exactly the point at which many people with a chronic disease or even infertility find themselves. When working with individual clients in my private practice, I know if a new client has what it takes to be successful with my recommendations because at some point during our initial communication I usually hear “I am desperate and willing to do anything.”

I think many woman will agree, there is no greater passion than that of a woman, like you, who dreams of being a mom one day. The recommendations I lay out in BABY MAKER allow you to channel your passion, desperation and dreams into actionable plans that will help restore your health and dramatically improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Many of the dietary changes that I recommend in BABY MAKER are based on, although not identical to, my diet during the several years I was fighting multiple sclerosis. This regimen requires more than eliminating the bowl of potato chips and the Diet Coke chaser someone might consume on a daily basis. To recover from MS (yes, I consider myself recovered from an “incurable” disease), I eliminated all dairy, any products that contained gluten, anything that contained sugar (right down to the tablespoon of mayonnaise on a hamburger patty), caffeine, starchy foods (legumes, potatoes, beans), processed foods including deli meats, pork and bacon (basically anything in a package), fast food, alcoholic beverages, and I reduced red meat consumption.

It is not for the faint of heart ... but it IS for someone who is desperate to regain his or her life and health. And for many, many people it works.

My goal in writing this book is to help those who are pregnant, or more importantly, those who are thinking of becoming pregnant, to understand that the health status of the man and the woman at the time of conception is critical in predicting a successful conception or ability to carry a baby to full term. Prospective new parents must know they have the power to dramatically improve their odds and their fertility by changing what they eat.

There are many helpful books available today about infertility that describe a variety of topics for either fertility or pregnancy, such as what foods to eat, foods to avoid, toxins to avoid, and even which supplements to take to augment a typical prenatal vitamin.

Although BABY MAKER covers those topics as well, one of the important distinctions I offer is supporting evidence as to how the foods and supplements recommended impact fertility and pregnancy. It is my belief that this critical justification is vital. It will help you realize the importance of changing your diet or behaviors, and doing so early enough in the process and with enough consistency to affect your odds of conceiving or having a healthy pregnancy. In order to change your internal biochemistry you must be encouraged to adopt an “all in” approach to health.

In BABY MAKER, I share clear, easy-to-adopt options for improving fertility (men and women), strengthening the ability of a pregnant mom to carry to term, and a plan to support mom's health during pregnancy. I lay out supporting evidence as to why advanced planning is critical, specific recommendations and details on what steps need to be taken, as well as food lists and charts to help with meal planning, food selection, and purchasing nutritional supplements. Finally, there is basic information offered on how to help get a new mom off to a good start immediately following delivery.

Thank you for your interest in BABY MAKER.  I wish you every success on your journey to parenthood!

Clean, healthy, organic eating for fertility and pregnancy

Baby Maker - A holistic guide to nutrition for fertility, conception and pregnancy